Saturday, May 4, 2013

Swimming with Angela

This afternoon I met Angela at the GSL Marina for a swim.  The wind wasn't terrible, but the waves and chop were less than desirable.  Typically I kinda like it when its rough, but today it was overcast and I was a little chilled.  I was hoping to swim about 5 miles, but halfway coming back from Black Rock, I hit a cold patch that felt like it was 56 or so and I sprinted for about 2 minutes till it got back up.

I shaved a couple days ago, and hadn't shaved since then. My left shoulder even though I had layered up some vase/lanolin mix on it, was already thrashed.  My mouth was fine, but the chafing on my shoulder was bad.

Called it good at 2.07 miles in 1:03

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