Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Swim at Logan Sports Academy

Whenever I've been visiting Logan and have the chance I've been swimming up at Utah State's HPER pool, which has terrible hours and is closed on holidays.  But I found this place: the Logan Sports Academy.  Not only was it open, but it is a much better option for lap swimming.  It opens at 5 am, has a indoor and outdoor pool.  The facility is ultra clean and upscale.  The pool area is missing a big lap clock and selection of lap swim equipment (for travelers like me who are at the mercy of the facility).  The daily fee for non members is pricey: $10.  But worth it if you are doing a long swim or want to be pampered with a really nice experience.
The facility has a basketball court, racquetball, lots of cardio equipment and I especially enjoyed the weightroom after my swim.  Lots of free weights and machines to choose from.  

Cathi and I have long dreamed of retiring in Logan, and this place if it's still around will definitely be my home  base.  This morning I swam outside in the outdoor pool.  Although it was a little warm for my liking, it wasn't terrible.  Ended up swimming:

10,500 - 3 x (2000 free, 1000 pool buoy, 500 IM/kick drill)
150 easy

10,650 yards total in 2:55
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