Thursday, May 30, 2013

Six Dollars

I've been keeping a closer eye on what I spend lately, and even though I already have a membership at Northwest, the extra cost to attend Steiner on Thursdays to get one of Wes Johnson's workouts is worth it.  It costs me $6.00 and it's worth every penny.  The $6 amount however always makes me think of one of my favorite sound clips from Napolean Dynamite:  

This morning I got there early and did 3,000 warmup and then Wes' workout:

5 x (4 x 150's) -
first round all base pace.
second round 3 at base, last one fast
third round - 2 at base (on 2:15), last two fast (on 2:00)
fourth round - 1 at base (on 2:15), last three fast (on 2:00)
fifth round - all on 2:05 (first two pull, last two no equipment)
200 easy

6,000 meters total in 1:45

I didn't get the yardage I was hoping for but I'm not done for the day!  I need to get off work a little early for a decent swim in the GSL this evening.  Then I'll have a pretty cool milestone to announce.
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