Friday, May 3, 2013

GTD Shirt idea

This morning I was late getting in.  Coach Andy wasn't there and there was no workout on the board.  James was already in and doing a pulling set, so I decided to do my own distance workout today:

7200 - 6 x  (

  1. 1000 free no equipment, 200 back
  2. 1000 free no equipment, 200 back
  3. 1000 kick with fins, 200 breast
  4. 1000 pull large paddles, 200 breast
  5. 1000 pull agility paddles, 200 one arm fly
  6. 1000 free no equipment, 200 one arm fly )
50 easy

7,250 yards total in 2:10

During one of my long sets an old guy got in the lane next to me.  He did a 25 sprint.  I've never seen so many bubbles from a single person before in my life.  Didn't mean to be so critical, but a GTD slogan instantly came to my mind, and thought it would make a cool T-Shirt.  

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