Friday, May 24, 2013

Swimming at Bozeman Swim Center

This morning we arrived in Bozeman, MT and immediately noticed driving into town the Swim Center.  After lunch we drove over to check out the hours and found that it was lap swim time from noon until 4.  It was 12:30 so Cathi left me there while she took the kids and went to check in to our hotel room.  It was a 100 M indoor pool.  I did the following:

We celebrated Oliver's birthday at the pool.  He had so much fun!
7,000 - 2 x (2000 free, 1000 pull, 500 drill/IM/Kick)
2000 free, 1000 pull

200 easy
10,200 Meters total in 3:00

I got out at 3:45 and got something to eat and soon the family showed up and we all played and had a ball.  I was impressed with this pool.  Nice place.

Tomorrow morning Cathi runs her marathon and we all cheer for her.

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