Thursday, May 9, 2013

50 Meter bliss

This morning I swam at SLCSC and the 50 M pool opened at 6:30.  Swimming in the great outdoors in a pool that has a different smell of chlorine than the inside pool.  I felt very satisfied.  I got there at 5:30 and got in a decent swim even before Wes' workout:

2800 yards inside
then at 6:30 did:

1800 M - 1000 M free, 300M kick, 500 M easy warmup with the lane mates
1200 M - 400 aerobic free, 400 fast free, 200 aerobic free, 200 fast! on 1:40 base
1200 M - 3 x 300's pull desc 1-3, 3 x 100's pull (agility paddles) desc on 1:40 base
100 M warmdown

4300 M = 4700 yards

Total: 7,500 yards total in 2:20  Swimming GSL this evening.

Met Chad, Goody, Sue, Josh and Kate at the GSL Marina this evening.  The wind was causing some pretty decent swells from the northwest.  We swam out of the marina towards the second red buoy.  When we got there.  Josh and Sue were done with the waves and went a different way together while Chad and I continued north to the next red buoy.

The water temp was fine (67°) and I enjoyed the challenge of swimming into the waves.  Coming back I felt like I was body boarding.  Round trip was 1.82 miles.

The whole time I had this song in my head, and couldn't get it out.  It's pretty rare when that happens, but this song is pretty catchy:

Total for the day:  6 miles

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