Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh My Heck!

Wow! This evening's swim was tough!  The actual swim and getting in was not bad.  But getting out and dry and warmed up was brutal!  My fingers felt completely frozen, I couldn't move them and I sat in the car and shivered like crazy.  Then I remembered seeing the shower room door was open, so I drove over and took a warm shower.

That was almost worse!  But after three more minutes of pain in my fingers and sides, I was able to get warmed up.  Hurried over to NWRC and took a shower there too.  The swim was fast though.  Did the whole course in 5:36.

Nate, Me and Jim after the swim.  39 degrees baby!
Nathan Nelson came this time and he was in the water for 12 minutes!  More than double what I was in for. I was so cold and frozen that my brain wasn't functioning enough to remember to give him his well deserved cap!  I'll have to mail it to him.  Unfortunately I don't meet up with him much since we live so far away.

Jim was there with Connie and they snapped this picture after they got out.  Notice that I'm already fully dressed.  I don't mess around with getting all bundled up.  Plus I was in the water far less than them.  Beautiful clear day with lots of sunshine.  Except the air temp wasn't all that nice.  Temp on my watch when I got out read 39.2.

Total: 400 yards in 5:36
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