Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Christmas Swimfest and cooling down at GSL Marina

This morning I met up with all the SLOW swim friends at Gene Fullmer pool and we did some relays and games. Followed up with lunch together. It was great to mingle with these people and have some fun. Rachel did a great job organizing it and putting it all together.

 Then Josh came out with the very first SLOW newsletter. Looks professional!

 Then joined Sue and Jim out at the GSL where it was snowing while we swam. It was fun! The temp on my watch was 41.2 and did my lap in 6:15. Recovery was easy comparatively.  What a fun day it was.

Total swimming:

200 yards in pool
400 yards in GSL

600 yards - I know I should feel like a slacker.  But today was just a fun goof off day.

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