Saturday, December 22, 2012

100th Swim in the Great Salt Lake

What an epic milestone for me today!  Today was the 100th time I've swam in the waters of the Great Salt Lake!  Those 100 swims totaled 261.9 miles.  I wonder how many swims Orson Spencer did in the GSL?

I spent an hour of my afternoon with my friends Josh and Jim and sadly Goody was home feeling drained from his Chemo treatments.  I talked with him on the phone on the way out there.  I know it pains him to not be able to participate, and I'm sure he'd much rather be with us.  So I photo-shopped him in with us!

Water looks warm, but it was a cool 39 degrees

I'm WAY off in the distance in front of
the boat.  Had to make the pilot's
navigation go easier, but just going slow
so he could comfortable pass.
 Goody's friend, Alan Sage, I met for the first time in person.  After this picture was taken I said Merry Christmas to the guys and took off!  I'm better off going as fast as I can.  No more breaststroke taking it easy.  When I got to the other side, I saw JR in his boat exiting the marina so I stayed as far out of the way as possible until he was past, and then I went back to swimming to the boat ramp as fast as I could.  Did the round trip in 6:59, including picture taking, and boat yielding.  My watch read 39.4°F.  Shoulder is feeling awesome!

What a great day!
Me, Jim, Alan and Josh getting ready to go for it!

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