Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best cold water swim of the year

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the past weeks of swimming in the GSL.  But swimming breaststroke.... well sucks!  In celebration of hitting my 3 month anniversary of recovering from surgery I was officially given permission to swim freestyle.  With that, I donned my neoprene hat and sweet WFPBC cap.  Started the swim with Jim, Josh and Miles.  I got in, and immediately went to face in freestyle.  Did the 400 yard swim in 6 minutes.  Yes I was trying to get a good pace going.  The water felt fine on my face, and I was pleased that it wasn't terrible.  When I got out, I stopped the watch: 6:02. Not too shabby for a bird just getting back in the air after resting a broken wing.
Miles was in for well over 10 minutes and earned his cap.  Yes his skin matched the color of the cap, as does everyone else.

When I got out and dressed, Sabrina walked down the ramp with her friend Anna Halverson, who also got in and earned her cap.  The Utah State Parks official temp was 38.  Both Jim and my watches read 41.2f.  So we figured an average temp was 40.

Jim and Josh both were in the water more than double of what I did, but my days of seeing how much time I can spend in the water is over.  My goal from here on out will be for a specific distance, and not time.  I can't compete with those dudes.

Total: 400 yards in 6:02

Oh, and here's a little video I put together as an ad for the New Years Race:

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