Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost there....

Goody asked for a countdown to snapping the picture
so he could smile.  I wanted the countdown so I could
look dumb.
Yesterday evening I met up with Josh, Goody and Jim for a cold water swim out at the marina.  Did the normal 400 yard lap to the end of the marina and back in 16 minutes.  The water was 46°F.  I'm looking forward to doing heads in free next week.  Hoping to do the one lap in about 8 minutes or less.

After this morning's swim, my Physical Therapist, Grayson Doar, said that I can start doing front crawl next week.  Thing is, I've started doing it just to see how its going, and it's going awesome.  So I'll keep it to a minimum until next week.

Anyway, got in this morning and did:

4000 - 10 x 400's (odd kick with fins, even swim no rest interval

Physical therapy is cake.  No pain and the exercises are fairly challenging the first few days, but by the end of the two weeks, they're easy.  Very pleased with the progress and am looking forward to getting back into the routine.
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