Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Head position - domino affect

1000 - 4-4-4
800 - 16x50 down drill choice, back 12.5yard sprint, 12.5 yard easy. :50-55
3200 - 4x (3x200 2:50, 3x50 :45, 50 easy)
1st set - pull with paddles and ankle strap, 2nd - pads only, 3rd - buoy only, 4th - no equip

total 5000

I had planned on doing 6000 yards today, but my alarm was set, but not turned ON, so Cathi asked at 6:45, "Gordon, did the alarm go off?". Crap! So I didn't get in the water until 7:25 this morning.

I have a work meeting every day at 9:30 and I missed yesterday's because I was late getting out of the water, and I couldn't do it two days in a row, so I had to sacrifice the last 1000 of today's swim cause I'm a freakin' "get your butt out of bed" slacker!

Anyhow....Some of the feedback I got back from Coach JGal from the video of last week's meet was that my head position is too far forward. Which causes me to look forward too much on the breath instead of to the side which ultimately results in bobbing in the water.

Granted, in the meet I wasn't bilateral breathing and I was going at a pace that I wouldn't even attempt in a long open water swim. So when I swim, I'm a little better about keeping my head in a neutral position in the water, breathing to the side so my mouth is more toward my shoulder (in the pocket). I'm also thinking about my arms stroking further from my mid line so that I never get my hand too close.

I think this also might be because when I breath I don't keep my head in the "pocket" and I roll my body too much, which causes my arm to enter the water too close to my midline and also my stroke comes too close to the midline. So one bad habit can really lead to several bad things, kind of like a domino affect. So I'm starting by thinking about the first domino (head position). That should prevent the other dominos from falling too.

By the way, I finally talked with the old guy who walks up an down the shallow lane. His name is Kent and is trying to strengthen his bum knee. Good to catch the names of these people I see every day at the pool, but don't interact with.
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