Friday, March 19, 2010

Swimming at Steiner again

Good thing I went online and checked SDRC's lap pool status. Closed tonight and tomorrow for a state meet. So I went up to Steiner to swim. Which was nice cause I got to get in an hour earlier than planned. Here's what I did:

600 easy warmup
450 - 6x { 50 :45 fast, 25 :30 easy) last two 50's do back stroke
2000 - 20x100 moderate - strong pace, fins and pads, on 1:20
After finishing the eighth set of these, the lifeguards came up and moved me over a couple lanes to allow water aerobics class to begin. So I had an extra minute or so of rest between the eighth and ninth set, but other than that I was going on the 1:20 every time. I was really pushing it. Felt great cause I was getting between 1:06 - 1:13 on all of them.

50 stretch
1000 get time strong pace (13:06)
Masters started the next lane over and a couple of young bucks were swimming. So my goal was to not only keep up with them, but gain a foot or so per 25 on them. That's what got me well under 14:00

almost straight into...

400 - 4x100 on 1:25 fast fast fast!, MAKE THESE! (Got 1:10-1:15 on these)
100 stretch
300 - 3x100 backstroke moderate :20 ri
600 - 12x50 odds push off 20yd sprint, rest easy. evens no pushoff 15yd sprint, rest easy 1:00
200 warmdown

total 5700

Felt great! No shoulder issues at all. In fact I was running some numbers. And I think I'm going for a 12,000 yard swim tomorrow. After that I will have swam over 45,000 yards this week. That's a new PR and I'm going to make it official and start recording max yards per week.

But SDRC is closed, so I'll have to swim in the warm Layton pool. Which is better than driving all the way down to Steiner again. When I got home tonight, I made pancakes, cooked up some sausage links and an omelet and the kids and I had a feast! Tomorrow morning It'll make all the difference to have had a good meal tonight. That's what made tonight's workout such a success. I kept myself well fueled during the day in anticipation of this workout. Not junk, but some good carbs.
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