Friday, March 5, 2010

Same workout, once in morning, once at night

This morning I did the following:

800 (200 drill kick pull swim)
600 - 6x100 descend 1-3 by 2s (2 easy, 2 med, 2 strong) on 1:40
1:35, 1:20, 1:12

1650 paddles (Can't really remember, but I think it was in the 22s)
1000 pull (13:50 something)
800 paddles (9 something)
500 pull (6:30 something)
200 paddles (2:28)
100 pull (1:09) WOW!
paddles = hand paddles only, no buoy, no ankle strap (strong arms with light kick)
pull = no paddles, buoy with ankle strap (no kicking at all)

*all on :20-30 RI
150 warmdown

5800 yards total

What a good workout. I was able to go strong and not worry about pushing it for another set. It was a relief being able to go at a pace I felt comfortable with. I didn't dog it though. I also noticed that today when I went from paddles to no paddles my stroke rate definitely increased, and my oxygen intake wasn't as stressed when doing no paddles. It really works my arms and shoulders when I do paddles.

I did the same workout tonight. I went to SDRC and it was closed because of a little kid swim meet, so I hurried up to Steiner Sport Complex and that place is even better than SDRC. In the lane next to me I noticed was Alistair Cockburn. He's one of the fastest "old guys" in the nation. I think he held an age group national record for 100 back or something a while back. He's over 50, but as fast as a college kid.

Anyhow, tonight's workout was exactly the same as this morning's but faster. On my 1650 I got 20:34. My PR is 20:59. But I had hand paddles, so it doesn't count, but it's encouraging that I went that fast just in a workout. Also got 1:11 on my 100 pull. That's awesome. Great workout! Looking forward to tomorrow's swim. Will have to do it in the afternoon since SDRC has another meet tomorrow morning.

11,600 yards daily total
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