Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling like TAR

600 stretch
I was tight from the beginning so I made sure to do really good stretching and a nice easy warmup. It helped but by the time I got halfway through the next set, my tris and shoulders were back to being turds.

3000 - 10x300 on 4:20 Strong pace (1:00 extra ri at halway point)
I was running out of breath after a few of these. I was maintaining around 4:00-4:05, but I just couldn't catch my breath enough during the rest interval to maintain the pace and by the halfway point got 4:20, so I took an extra minute rest at halfway. On the second half, the same thing happened.

50 stretch
1500 - 10x150 on 2:10 Only got about 5-10 seconds rest between sets and took an extra minute at halfway point.
50 stretch
100 all out get time - wanted 1:03, got 1:04.
200 warmdown

Total 5500

Really was a tough one today. My arms just didn't have it today. But I kept going and got the full workout in. Even though I did consider quitting after the 300's.
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