Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting used to the cold

I asked JGal for some tips on getting used to the cold and she offered several great ideas.

  • Cold showers. you have to earn hot ones.

  • Ice baths for at least 10-15 mins and put your face in.

  • Sleep with only a light sheet/quilt, get rid of the duvet! - already doing this

  • sleep with light pjs...none of that long flannel stuff! - already doing this

  • don't layer up if it's cold outside...just a light jacket. under dress for the cold! - already doing this

  • don't wear house shoes/socks around the house if it's cold, just go barefoot. ditto house clothes, wear shorts and light t's a lot. no bathrobes! - already doing this

  • no mittens! let your fingers/hands deal w/ the cold! - already doing this

  • put on weight (fun!) - I don't plan on doing this until 3-4 months before channel swim, and even then only about 10 pounds.

  • find cold situations (raining outside, snow) and go out in them under dressed.
  • get in your lake asap, even if only for a few mins.

  • when you want heat in the car, don't let yourself! unless you've cold passengers of course.

So lots of things to work on. Tomorrow I'll stop by Bountiful lake and take a temperature just to see where we are at. I don't think I'll jump in though. I'll start with cold showers for now.
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