Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's better

Got to bed at a decent time and it made a big difference. Although I didn't feel like he-man during the workout, I didn't give up and was able to get decent times:

500 warmup
2000 - 10x200 5 (descend 1-3 and hold), 5 (ascend 1-3 and hold) on 3:00 (2:43, 2:37, 2:34, 2:36 (oops), 2:33)(2:32, 2:36, 2:38, 2:44, 2:47)
1200 - 2x600 strong pace, use paddles on 9:00
1200 - 4x300 same, paddles, buoy and ankle stray on 4:30
800 - 8x100 same, no equipment on 1:30 (held @ 1:17-1:22)
300 easy warmdown

total 6000

I was thinking during my warmdown why yesterday was so sucky. I think when I do kickboards at the beginning, especially when I don't use fins, I go so slow that it messed with my mind and makes feel like an old fart going so slow. It's those negative thoughts that really bring me down. So I really ought to NOT do kicking (at least without fins) at the beginning, either that or I'll have to focus mentally, not be negative and realize that kicking isn't going to be fast.

I mean I only have 10 1/2 size shoe. I'm not like a size 13 and can kick with any serious amount of force. Plus my quads are so girly! I noticed today that they have shrunk since I haven't been biking all winter. I really need to put that muscle back on.
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