Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Chance workout!

I think I'm ready for next weekend's meet. This week I put in the yards and got some good times. I'm excited. Here's today's long workout.

1000 - 4x4x4
1000 - 2 x 500's kick with fins
1000 - 1000 free nice and strong stokes under 14:00 (13:27)
1000 - 10 x 100's free on 1:30 (banked :45)
2000 - 10 x 200's free on 3:00 (banked :25)
200 back
1000 - 20 x 50's free sprint on :55 (get all under :35)
At this time a high school kid shared my lane and had a one on one session with the coach. He was pretty good, but not the fastest kid on the team. Which was good cause he pushed me, but didn't overwhelm me.

600 - 300 free, 200 kick, 100 drill
200 sprint (get under 2:25) (got 2:20)
800 - 2 x 400's free stretch, last 25 of each 400 do backstroke
500 - 500 kick with fins
100 EZ
400 - 8 x texas 50's on 1:00
300 - 6 x 50's odd back, evens free on :55
1000 - 4 x 250's maintain pace (actually got a little slower, but not more than 5 sec)
900 - 3 x (3 x 100's descending on 1:30) Paddles, buoy and ankle strap.
Got just over 1:15 on first, under 1:15 on second, under 1:10 on the last one. Very pleased that I could push it that hard on the very last set of a long morning!

12,000 Yards total (3:40 elapsed time)
45,500 yards total this week (almost 26 miles)

The trouble with today's workout is that I forgot to fill up my water bottle so I only have a 20 oz gatorade to ration throughout the workout. By the time I got to the second to last set (250s), I could sense that my body was at that "wall" where I had used up all the energy from last night's pancakes. I was tired, but I really wanted to finish this workout and finish strong so I flipped a switch once I got the pulling equipment on.

Next week tapering..... Yeah!!!
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