Monday, September 2, 2013

Charlotte Brynn was attacked by a shark on her Catalina Crossing

I was planning to swim at pineview this morning but it was raining pretty hard here at home, so that would only mean its much worse up there.  So I went lifting and then off to the NWRC Pool.

Did 5 x 2000's:

1 - free no equipment
2 - pull large paddles
3 - 2 x (500 kick fins, 5 x 100's IM odd even free)
4 - pull agility paddles with ankle strap
5 - free no equipment

10,000 yards in 2:40

Two things I learned this morning:

1) Diana Nyad finished her swim to Florida from Cuba.  Outstanding that she finally made it after all these attempts

2) Charlotte Brynn was attacked by a small shark during her Catalina swim.  That was a shocker for me.  She's only the second person to actually have been attacked during a channel crossing of some sort.  She's OK, in fact she kept swimming for 11 hours after the bite she took.  I think she said she didn't realize it was a shark and it was a sharp pain, but went away once the shark let go after the quick bite.  She apparently was able to pull a tooth out from under her skin that the shark left behind.  Ouchy!
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