Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Building Blocks for MIMS

This morning I used the letters of MIMS to compile this morning's workout.  Each letter position represents 100 yards: (A = 100, B = 200, Z = 2600)

300 warmup
M (1300) - 2 x 500's free, 300 IM
I (900) - 3 x 300's kick fins/ IM/ drill free
M (1300) - pull w/ ankle strap
S (1900) - 4 x (100 fly/back/breast/free : 5 ri, 3 x 100's descending on 1:30)
300 warm down

6,000 yards total in 1:50

When I got back to my car I saw a small piece of paper under my windshield wipers.  I thought, "OH NO! Someone hit my car and left their insurance or something".  It was a note from my Mom.  I saw her in the winding river this morning and waved to her.  But she took off before I could really say hello.  That put a smile on my face!

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