Saturday, September 7, 2013

Logan River instead of Bear Lake

So local Utah swimmer, James Jonsson informed me a couple days ago that his swim didn't look like was in a "go" status.  The weather showed that there was a 30% chance of storms.  This morning when I woke up at the cabin I went outside and yes it did look pretty crappy.  Not terrible, but Logan canyon is quite protected compared to the Open Water of Bear Lake.

I talked to my siblings and their spouses and we decided to bag our trip to Bear Lake and just hang out at the cabin and play table tennis, board games, and enjoy being together in a relaxing environment.  So Cathi went for a run and when she got back she took over while I went for a swim in the Logan River.  Wow the water felt cool.  It took me a good minute of wading in and getting the mentality to do the full 30 minutes I wanted.

I slowly waded to the middle of the river up to my waist and then started my watch and the swim.  I again saw my many fish friends.  The big grey fish that is probably over 20 inches, and the several smaller "gecko fish" that are bottom feeders hiding under and around the rocks.

I took a temp several times throughout my swim with my watch: 54.4 degrees.  It felt really cold getting in, but swimming in it really wasn't terrible.  The water flow wasn't as fast as it was a month ago,  but that's OK.  It was still a lot of fun and it was especially enjoyable because I just finished the chapter in Lynne's book on Hypothermia and Hyperthermia, and ice swimming, and that gave me a lot to think about during the swim.

Man I am excited to go for that ice-mile goal in just three months!

30 minutes (about .75 mile conservative estimate) in 54.4 degrees f.
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