Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Virtual Open Water Swim registration

This morning's workout was at NWRC with James and Paul.  Also chatted it up with Kevin Mortensen who is going soon to Dominican Republic on a mission with his wife.

500 free
300 kick
200 free by 25's on :30
1200 - 6 x (50 stroke, 100 free strong, 50 stroke/free) :10 ri
1200 - 2 x (300 pull, 300 free)

Do the above once more through then finish with:
300 - 4 x 75's weighted 25/50 sprint
100 IM warm down

7,000 yards total in 2:10

Registered for the Virtual Open Water swim for this year.  Last year I took a bye with my shoulder surgery.  Hoping that this year I can follow the same pattern I did the last two times I did this.  (Finish by Mid-December with the 250 miles)

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