Saturday, September 28, 2013

She was in a good mood today

When you have a very moody woman like I do (Speaking of the GSL, not my wife Cathi), you appreciate the days when she is in a good mood.  This was one of them.  When I got to the GSL it was sunny and calm.  The water level is down significantly since I was last here.  I walked down  toSilversands beach since the marina opening was busy, and I was hesitant to see how shallow it was in the marina.

When the vaseline/lanolin mix turns white like that,
its when the water temp is cool.  On warm summer
days it just looks like oil and doesn't go white.
I reset my GPS after wading out about 200 yards to the point where the water was at waist level.  I started my swim heading north past the deep channel that the boats use, then took a westerly heading.

I went for 27 minutes and then turned around and swam the way I came.  When I got back to Silversands beach I stopped my clock and the GPS ready 1.78 miles.  The temp on my watch at two different times read 64.8 degrees.  The water was brown and full of brine shrimp eggs/cysts.

I lubed up real good so I didn't have any chaffing.  At one point the brine shrimp material was so thick it was all over me.  I thought to myself, "One day when I'm swimming around Manhattan, I'll swim through stuff and wish it was just Brine Shrimp eggs."    My mouth handled the experience just fine and the water temp was a little too cool for my liking.  I was admittedly a little cooled.  Not shivering cold, but definitely cold enough that I felt it.  The start of the cold water training has begun.

I especially enjoyed the calm water.  So glad that the real woman in my life is nearly always calm and collected.  The GSL could take a lesson from her on how to be more pleasant.

Yesterday got my invite to the CCSF banquet and awards ceremony.  Bummed I can't go.

Total: 1.78 miles in 57 minutes  
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