Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting the plan laid out

Yesterday may Dad told me he had arranged the week of MIMS at Wyndham resort in the New York area.  It's kind of a way from Manhattan so I looked at getting a room at the Sheraton close to the pier where last year's start was.  Booked a room for us to share.  Nearly $400 for one room for one night!  Ouch!  Not outrageous since we'll split the cost with my parents, but still.  Sure glad we're only doing one night there.

This morning I got to NWRC and Andy wasn't there, but James and Paul were doing their own thing.  I wasn't about to try to keep up with those speed demons so I did my own thing in the next lane:

400 free
400 kick
200 IM
1000 pull large paddles
1000 pull agility paddles
400 IM
200 kick

3,600 yards total in 1:05

I'm taking the scouts up to the cabin in Logan tonight so I'm hoping to get off early from work and then do about 45 minutes to an hour in the Logan river tonight.  Cold water acclimatization work.  Yay!

Tonight I swam for 35:30 in the Logan River. The water temp was 51.0°F! Wow that was awesome! Lovin that temp!
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