Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The difference between Pineview and Bear Lake

This morning I opted to swim at SDRC since I needed to get my tires rotated this morning after my swim.  It was so refreshing to swim there for a couple reasons:

  1. My favorite shower in the world.  
  2. The water at SDRC is clear, relatively cool (81°F), and blue.  The water at Steiner lately has been cloudy, warm, and murky.  
The difference in pools at SLCSC and SDRC is like the difference between Pineview and Bear Lake.  Not that pineview is bad, but Bear Lake is awesome.  No wonder it's slightly more expensive at SDRC.  But my opinion will probably change next week once the 50M pool opens up.
Today I did:

2000 free 
2000 pull
1000 finger paddles
1000 kick with fins
1000 free
100 back/breast

7,100 yards total in 2:10

Looking forward to a 2-4 mile swim at GSL this afternoon.  
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