Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling Lucky

I found out yesterday that my friends Bob Needham and Karen Rogers suffered much more than I did with the "spots" picked up from the Hidden Valley Lake.  Apparently its a reaction to a parasite that resulted in them needing antibiotics or something.  I haven't talked to them, just had information passed on to me.

My spots have slowly been fading away and they don't even itch anymore.  I never did get any of them on my face, neck or head.  Just back, arms and legs.  I'm feeling lucky about that.

The salt kind of burned each and every open "spot" on my
skin.  Is that a good thing? What ever it is, if it was alive,
it's surely dead by now.
This morning I showed up at the gate of the GSL marina just before the sun came up.  I tried the code on the gate.  It didn't work.  I tried a couple times including appending or prepending the asterisk or pound sign.  The code has been changed.  So while I waited for the light sensor to open the gate, I put my Swimming Buddy together and got all greased up and ready to go.  By the time I was ready, the gate slowly opened and I made my way to the marina.

The wind was present, but not crazy.  There were 1-2 foot swells and no boats were out.  I stowed my drink and GPS.  I got in and ended up doing 2 laps of the Gridley Straight.  The seagulls this morning will rather curious about my board and there were several dozen circling above me.  I wonder if I attached a Twinkee to the top of the noodle somehow what that would do.

I took the temp several times with my watch and it ranged from 69.2° to 70.6°.  The sun was out, but it was fairly well masked by white puffy clouds.  Not the prettiest or fairest morning,  kind of blah.  Kind of like how I felt.  Wasn't tired necessarily, just didn't have a lot of umph this morning.  Had a good time though and glad I came out.  Tonight I get to go support my kids (band concert, baseball games, etc).

Total distance: 4.15 miles in 2:20

I also noticed that Jamie is already planning to do another camp for 2013 at Lake Tahoe.  I'm totally in on that action!  Lake Tahoe is awesome.

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