Friday, May 4, 2012

Chat with Will

Did 1000 yards before masters:

600 warmup
600 - 12 x 50's kick/drill/swim IM Order
1000 - 8 x 125's 1st and 5th length, no kick on 1:50
1000 - 10 x (50 fast, 2 x 25's easy) free
800  pull
I started to do my add-ons, but Will had some interesting thoughts on the GSL race and talked about how to promote it better.   Some swimmers were giving us the evil eye for chatting and not swimming.  I finally got to my add on stuff, but got to worrying about something left undone at work and cut it short to get a jump on the day.

1550 finger paddles

6,550 yards total

Hoping to get off at a decent time and doing a short one at SDRC on the way home to make up for this morning.
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