Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun afternoon GSL Swim

I had a work deadline that I needed to work on this morning so I was at my desk at 5am instead of in the pool.

I did get the work done and the deadline was met with a few hours to spare so I got the OK to get off early.  I was in the water at the marina at 3:25pm and swam out and around the buoys.  On the way back I was wondering if I locked my car or not so I went around and got out at the silver sands rock path. My GPS said 1 mile exactly.

I checked my car and yes I did lock it.  I then went back down the boat ramp and reset my GPS and swam out to find Goody at the marina opening.  He said his goggles were giving him crap so we swam back to the ramp and he switched them out while I did another lap within the marina.

Then we swam out to Blackrock and back.  The water was so clear!  I got see the bottom and it was so fun to see!  Up till now this year in the GSL it has been murky and ony about 20 inches of visibility, but today it was like 10 feet of visibility in many places.

On my way back to the boat ramp, I met with Jim, and then Etsuko.  She even was wearing a Got Salt suit!  I was very pleased to see that!  I then met Levi, who is swimming the Antelope Island to Black Rock race.  The water temp with my watch on the surface read 66f and the digital them read 64 about 12 inches below the surface (where your body feels it the most).  Never felt cold during this swim, and I really enjoyed the movement of the water today.  It was some decent swells and not much in chop or in wind.  Definitely not flat though.

I took lots of pics with my GoPro.  Over 1000 as a matter of fact.  But here are just a handful of my favs.  I had to hurry to go to my son's school performance so I took a shower at the marina which I never do.  I was in there and realized there was no soap so I went out to get some from the dispenser and locked myself out with the hot water running and all my clothes and car keys in there.  Luckily I still had my speedo on and hurried off to track down Dave to get back in.  I must have looked real dumb running around in my "Rob Aquatics" speedo in the parking lot trying to get back in as quick as possible.

Total: 3.5 miles in 1:50
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