Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 1 of Jamie's Swim Camp

Finally getting to meet two of my open water heroes.  So happy!
Work up this morning at 4am and drove with Goody to Jamie's summer cottage today.  Got there at around 5pm and met Jamie Patrick (Double Tahoe and future Tahoe 360 swimmer, and World Open Water Male Swimmer of the year 2011) and Karen Rogers (Ice Swimmer Association Club member).  We chatted for about a few minutes, Goody and I setup the tent.  And then we all went down to the lake to do a swim.  They introduced us to the lake, did a crossing and left Goody and I to do a lap while they swam back and ordered pizza.

When they got back we ate dinner and chatted for quite some time.  Karen is such a sweetheart and is such good friends with Jamie.  I could tell they are a really good team.

Tonight's swim.
Jamie was so down to earth and generous.  It's so neat to find someone so successful in so many ways that doesn't have an ego.  I was already having a complete ball!  Then Lynn Kubasek drove up with Lisa Nordholm, and Sherie (don't recall last name), and Bob Needham.  I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and could have stayed up all listening to them and hearing the stories, but Goody and I have to get up early in the morning to take advantage of the cooler temperature water and enjoy the sun coming up.

Looks like one lap of the lake from the four buoys to each other is exactly one mile,  If you add a swim out to the buoy from the ramp it adds about an additional .2 miles.  So tomorrow morning I'm aiming for 6 laps of the buoys for a total of 6.2 miles and then an additional 5 more in the afternoon.  I'll take the GPS with me tomorrow for sure.  So watch here.

I am just so grateful for this opportunity to rub shoulders with such people!  And if Jamie wouldn't have put this thing together, this large group of people would still be strangers.  He's essentially just done an inhuman feat: shrunk the world.  We now can say, yeah, I know him, I spent a day swimming with him.  What a priceless treasure!

Total distance: 1.2 miles
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