Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cold Showers have begun

This morning I went to SDRC.  I got there about 10 minutes after the pool opened and all the lanes in the north had one swimmer each.  I opted to swim with on of the regulars that I know is not uptight.  Earl, an older gentlemen who is usually there before the pool opens, just came in after I did.  He asked one guy that I've never seen before if he could share.  The guy looked over to the south end (which gets filled with High School kids at around 6am) and said, "There are lots of lanes over there", and pointing to the next lane over, "Or you could share with him".  I could only shake my head as I watched Earl move over one more lane and ask the next guy.  That kind of thing pisses me off.  These people who think they own a lane make me want to move over and start swimming with them just to stir up trouble.  I don't have a problem sharing a lane with up to 8 people.  It's part of swimming in a pool.  Sharing!  There's absolutely no reason to share a lane.

2000 free warmup
3000 - 2 x 1500's pull (second set transition to smaller paddles by 500)
3000 - 3 x 1000's (first kick with fins, 2nd rotate back/breast/free by 100, 3rd straight through)
2000 - 4 x 500's on 7:30 (ended up hitting 7:30 on all of them so no rest for the slow)
600 - 2 x (100 back/breast/free) easy

10,600 yards total in 3:00

I'm on day 2 of taking cold showers.  It has been surprisingly bearable and quite exhilarating.  It was a downer to take a cold one at SDRC when their showers are so nice.   The pressure is only good when you go hot. Oh well.

This afternoon Josh and I are doing a clinic at the GSL Marina.  I'm gonna get there a little early to do a Gridley Straight lap before it starts.


Regrouping at the buoys with the swimmers.
This afternoon I went out to the Marina and did one GS lap and then met up with a fairly big group of swimmers where Josh and I gave some tips on OW swimming and some info about the lake.  We then went out as a group out of the marina out to the white buoy north of the lookout point and then back.  GPS
for the afternoon (including GS lap earlier) came to 2.82 miles.  The water was pretty warm, with some cool spots.

It was fun meeting lots of new people.

OW total 2.82 miles in @ 1:40
Daily total:  8.84 miles
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