Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crystal Clear

Today breaks the record for the clearest water I've ever witnessed in the GSL.  About 80% of today's swim I could see the bottom.  From the extreme detail of the Tufa Reef to the mesmerizing sand dune bottom.  It was one of the fastest swims too because there was no wind and the surface was glass like.  I did two laps of Gridley Straight in 2:04 (4.09 miles).

There were a couple patches of brine shrimp eggs that I had to pass through.  When you first go through it, you're in a state of utter disgust, but just like most other unique characteristics of the Great Salt Lake, you get used to it and come to appreciate it in a twisted kind of way.
From GSL Qualifying Swim

The water temp this morning felt colder than the watch read: 63-64°F.  But it felt good.  Didn't feel any soreness at all from yesterday.  Which was surprising.  Swam strong the whole time.

Total: 4.09 miles in 2:04
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