Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great EC practice this morning

I've never been to Dover or swam in the EC before, but I would imagine that this morning's swim had to have been decent practice for it.  It was quite windy this morning and I could see the white caps and waves from the frontage road.  Today's swim was gonna be with rough water.

I took my Swimming Buddy board, but left off the flag and the noodle.  It laid flat in the water and because of the low profile provided very little drag.  I would say even less drag than the SSD when it's just the board.  I put my drink and GPS and keys in the waterproof container.  The water felt cooler than last time.  When I got out of the marina and heading towards black rock the temp on my watch read 64°.

As I got nearer to Black rock the temperature was noticeably getting cooler.  When I arrived within 10 yards of the cement blocks at the shore of black rock.  I took another temp: 61°F.  I wasn't feeling cold, it felt comfortable and refreshing.  I noticed that my drink had floated off halfway to black rock.  So I'm going to get a small attachment at the top of the next water bottle, and attach it to the carabiner that I have attached to the board.  No more littering of the GSL with my stupid drinks!
Lots of gulls following me this morning

So today's swim didn't include any drink breaks, just swim!

Did two laps of Gridley Straight in 2:18.  Took some pics of the dozens of seagulls who just hovered above me heading into the wind.  It was cool how many there were.  With the temp and the 3 foot swells and chop I'd say today was some pretty good practice.  Felt great, and never got tired or thirsty despite the lack of any drink or nutrition.

Total: 4.15 miles in 2:18
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