Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 2 of Jamie's Swim Camp

Watching the sun come up while swimming is a real treat.
Goody and I got up at 5:15 and went down to the lake for an early swim and enjoy the sunrise while swimming.  The first 3 laps were nice, but then I started to get an itch in the middle of my back.  Then, on my arms, then on my legs, and I realized that something was wrong with the water.  We must have been in the water not long enough yesterday to feel it, but today it was definitely an issue.  I planned on doing 6 laps this morning and ended up doing 7.  Did it in 4:05.

Went back to the cottage, got showered up, and changed and applied aloe, but its still an issue.  An exercise in mental toughness!

While the swim was nice,  the itchies afterwards were very uncomfortable.  Jamie went down afterwards with some girls and the wind had picked up and there were some small ripples (much like yesterday), and he didn't feel anything.

Distance in the morning:  7 miles in 4:05 in 73°f.

I picked up some anti itch spray and that stuff rocks.  Definitely going for a swim later this afternoon.   I just got back from taking Jamie to pick up some ice.  Man I'm on top of the world!


For the afternoon swim a bunch of us went at the same time.  Lynn Kubasek has this Wilson ball that she found a while ago that she put in goggles.  Everyone said you should bring him for a swim!  So I took him for a ride on my Swim Buddy.  Only thing is, about half way through my second lap I looked back and he was gone!  I looked all over and he was nowhere to be found.  I caught up with the two girls that sped by me earler and asked them if they saw it and they did not.  So he had to have jumped ship on the eastern side of the lake.  I saw him in the reeds along the shore.  I went over and got him, except I looked closer and while this definitely was a Wilson Volleyball that had obviously been neglected and lost, it was NOT the same Wilson.  I thought for a second.  Maybe this was him?  Cause what are the odds that another Wilson ball would be stranded on the shoreline.

I saw Lynn round a buoy and I caught up with her cause she was doing backstroke and looked back at me. She was trying to look around me and see her Wilson.  She stopped and had a concerned look on her face. I got a sick knot in my stomach and said, "Is this your Wilson".  She said, "No my Wilson has a yellow stripe, not this red and blue"  I explained what had happened and where I looked and we put our swim aside to perform a search and rescue.  I looked for about an hour overall, and half of the entire shoreline of the lake.  He was gone.  I did two more laps to get a total of 4 (and some including the search and rescue shoreline swimming).

I was ticked cause I wanted to get 5 laps and only got 4.  Anyway I'll have to get up early again tomorrow and get in a good morning swim.

Total for the day:  12.7 miles (11 laps )

I am so tired!  I'm going to bed early so I can have a comparable swim tomorrow.
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