Saturday, October 1, 2011

Disobeying Doctors orders....first swim post surgery (2 weeks early)

If the doctor only knew how great my shoulder feels he'd probably be OK with it.   Three days after my surgery, all pain in my shoulder was gone no matter what movements I made.   The Dr. said I could get back in and do some light swimming the third week after my surgery.   I spent the last three days watching young kids at the SDRC swim meet swim, and I was getting really antsy!  Plus today is the first day of the six month virtual open water race.

I'm doing the 250 mile event around Long Island.  Today I took Lucy out to GSL Antelope Island Marina and swam out to egg island and back.  I took long and easy strokes and my shoulder felt like a million bucks!  I didn't have any pain at all.  I'm wishing I was down at Slam the Dam today, but it was good to see the kids perform in their first swim meet.   Lucy did very good today keeping up and staying close in the kayak.  She had the GPS and when we got out it read:

Total Distance: 2.15 miles
Time: 1:04

Not bad at all.

As for the kids events, here's what they did this weekend:

1650 free - 31:54:46
500 free - 8:53.89
200 free - 3:11.51

500 free - 13:32
50 back - 51.75
50 free - (I thought I captured this on film, but didn't end up getting it)
50 breast - 1:05.40

50 free - 1:16.41

These are all PRs!  These kids all started with the swim team 4 weeks ago.  You should have seen how much they have improved in that time!  I think the biggest two things for them to work on now are: 1) Long, reaching arms.  They've definitely got the bent elbows down.  Too much.  They need to focus on slowing their stroke rate down and getting long full strokes.  2) Jumping off the block.  Jonas never practiced jumping off the block before this meet and he did it in the meet.  Here's a little video of his 50 free:

I love his energy!  He puts a smile on my face!

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