Thursday, October 13, 2011

First week of Polar Bear swim - 63.5° in GSL

I started a group in Facebook - Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club and our first dip was this evening.  I heard reports that GSL is 60 degrees.  I drove out to Saltair and met up with Jake and Josh Green.  Then we carpooled out to Blackrock.  The gates are closed after 5pm, but we got permission from Dave to use the code to get in and drive out to BR.  When we got in my digital them read 63.6° F!  That's barely cold!  I was a little annoyed that it wasn't below 60.  I didn't put on any lube or I would have swam out to the buoys at the marina opening and back.  I somehow scratched the inside of my arm earlier this week and the salt water was really stinging it.

Anyhow the water felt great and when I got out I wasn't even cold.  I bought a hot chocolate on the way there and so I drank it not to waste it.  But it wasn't needed.  No shivering at all.  Can't wait for the temps to drop and it can really count as a polar bear swim!

Total Distance: @ 1/3 mile
Time Spent: 15 minutes
Lots of chatting with Josh and Jake.

When I got home, the sweatshirts that I ordered for the 5 original club member (Josh, Jake, Myself, Goody and Heidi) were home.
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