Friday, October 7, 2011

Planning out 2012

Today I read about a new record that was set.  John Kelly and Tom Brown are swimmers in Wyoming.  They worked together to accomplish swimming the length of a 9 mile lake in their area called Fremont Lake.  They both have been dreamed of crossing it and were able to do it last week.  Awesome!  Here's their story.

I was surprised to find that this isn't unreasonably far for me to travel to and try to beat.  It's super high elevation (Around 7430) so it's pretty cold.  I'm thinking about doing a double crossing of this lake and at the same time see if I can break the single crossing record.

Next year I plan to make trips to Bear Lake several times a month during the summer where the water is cold compared to other lakes in the Wasatch Front.  Once I get sufficiently cold water conditioned with the Bear Lake swims, I'd like to extend my next northerly visit and go all the way up to Fremont Lake and go for a double.  I'd like to do this in on July 15th, 2012.  Any later and it's too close to my EC crossing.  Any earlier, and I risk it being too cold.   Based on this article,  Fremont lake is considered a glacial lake.  It's also 1500 feet higher than Bear Lake.

It's very deep, and has a low content of diluted minerals.  I guess that makes it quite unique from other lakes.  Average ice breakup is in mid May.  And the temp in mid June is in the range of 50 degrees. Temp in mid July is high 50s.  So I'm thinking if I really trained well in cold water a July 15th swim should be good.  My EC trip would be a little more than three weeks later.  

I wish this lake were closer!  It sounds like a good place to train for cold water conditioning throughout the summer months!

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