Monday, September 26, 2011

Calcified Bursitis removed

Went in this morning and Dr. Richards prepped me on the procedure and said there would be some pain with the anesthetic shot going right into the tendon.  He told me about it in my previous visit so it was expected.  I laid down on the table and he cleaned the area of skin where the entry of the large needle was going.  I just closed my eyes and focused on my breathing.

He said, 'OK, you ready?'.  I said I was and then barely felt anything at all.  The whole procedure on the pain scale was a zero including the numbing shot.  I don't know if that's abnormal, or a serious answer to my prayers and the prayers of many friends and family.  He said there were two calcium balls that needed to be removed and the whole thing took probably a little over 15 minutes.  Again there was no pain and he said that the removal went very smooth and that they looked like they were already starting to dissolve and that the procedure was most likely going to be very successful.

I'm  hopeful that I'll be back in the water doing some kicking with fins by October 3rd, and slowly working my upper body more and more back to full recovery by the end of October.  If you're praying for me, keep going!  Thank you! It's working.
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