Friday, October 14, 2011

Meeting Pete Wetterhall

This morning I was up at 0350 and was in the water exactly at 0500.  I did:

2000 free in under 14 minutes (Felt great!)
1950 Free again ( I was supposed to do 2000, but.....)

About 500 yards into some guy got in the next lane over and he was quick.  In fact he was gaining on me.  My goal was that once he caught up to me fully, I would just stay with him.  Which I did, but I had to push it.  Long strong pulls and breathing on the right side.  Bilateral is great for a channel pace, but I just can't go strong and breathe bilaterally, I need more air.  After staying with him for about 300 yards or so, he was done and I did a few more laps.  I stopped to talk to him.  His name is Pete Wetterhall and he said he did the Slam the Dam 8K in 2:19.  What!?  How is it that some guy that I've never seen before is a Davis county local and is as quick as he is?  
Apparently he swam in Bountiful Lake several times this summer as well as pineview.  I'd love to get with this guy.  He's about 5-10% faster than me and I really have to go just to stay with him.  I told him about the GSL race in June and the Polar Bear Club we're starting.  He appeared interested.  
 Masters workout:
400 free easy
400 - 8 x 50's kick no rest
800 - 4 x 200's free on 2:50
2000 - 10 x (100 free strong on 1:30-1:40, 75 stronger on 1:15, 25 sprint on :45)
50 easy

7,650 yards total

Today at noon I listened to a Webinar where Mike Lewis interviewed Jamie Patrick.  The coolest thing I heard was the mental exercise he goes through during super long swims.

He starts at the letter A and picks three people that he knows with their first name starting with A.  Then he names three characteristics about that person, how they met, and the last time he saw them.  Then go on to the next two people, then moves on to B.  That is something I definitely want to keep in mind cause that could be something that would seem to work so well when your mind starts to break down and you need to refocus on something other than how bad you hurt.

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