Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take it easy bro!

Last Saturday I took the scouts on a long hike (15 miles) up to Ben Lomond Peak.  I've been told that's the 5th highest peak in Utah.  It was a little brutal.  But the biggest issue was on Saturday morning as we were tearing down camp and putting gear back in the trailer, I was lifting a heavy camp stove into the corner of the trailer and the lateral movement of that weight caused a searing pain in my left shoulder.  Ouch!  Despite icing it all Saturday and Sunday, it was only at about 30% on Monday so I skipped yesterdays workout.  Which was good because it improved and this morning was around 60%

This morning's workout was pretty good.  I was planning on double this, but thought I really shouldn't push it and leave the workout feeling strong, and also give the shoulder a break.  I'm going to make sure to hit some dry land exercises and work on that lateral movement which at the moment is the painful movement with my shoulder.

6200 - 4 sets of {500 free, 400 pull, 300 free, 200 IM, 100 fast (all under 1:15), 50 kick}

6200 yards total in 1:30

Hoping to build up the yardage this week instead of front loading and making the shoulder get more tender each day.

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