Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting shown up by 3rd graders

I was at the cabin and decided to try swimming in the Logan River upstream.  I measured the temp first.  Oh my that was a mistake.  It came up at 44°  I've never swam in water that cold.  I decided to not even get in cause that was too big of a jump.  I told Cathi and our other guests at the cabin and their 9 year old kid said, "I'd like to get in!"  I was like, "I'd like to see this!"  So I bet the kid a dollar he couldn't dunk his whole body underwater.

So we went across the bridge to the other side stream the empties into the Logan River where a very shallow pool is formed.  Not only did he get in a go all the way under, but so did Isaac, Lucy, Jonas and Lucy's friend Bricklie.  I was out 6 bucks and feeling like a total wuss.  Those kids all got in 44°F water!  Not all at once mind you.  It's shallow and they struggled once they got their legs in to commit to going all the way under laying down on their backs.  But they all did it.  

Humbled and inspired.
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