Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very Calm GSL swim with Gary Pace

Splashing the water with my feet watching the sun come up
among the clouds.
Last night I set my alarm for 5:00am.  I woke up early this morning and looked at the clock:  5:22?  I had plans to meet with a new swim buddy, Gary Pace at 6:15am at the GSL Marina!
I ended up getting there at 6:20am and he was there waiting for me.  It sure is great to have someone to meet up with for a swim.  There is no talking yourself out of it.

This was Greg's first swim out here.  The water was as clear as glass.  It was the calmest I've ever seen it!  Not even a breeze.  It was great!  The clouds were a little dark, but not threatening.  Kind of a murky eerie feel to them, but still very calm.

We left the marina on the other side of the boat ramp on the rocky side looking east where the beach is underwater.  We headed out to the red buoy that according to my GPS is exactly half a mile from the water's edge.

When we got to the buoy we chatted for a good while about the lake, the islands, and the GSL swims I've done.  Today's swim is actually only my 21st swim in the GSL.  Still a newbie!  We then headed towards the marina opening and finished at the boat ramp.  We did alot of stopping and talking.  The last 400 yards was all breast stroke as I got to know where he was from, what he does, about his love for swimming, about different open water adventures we've heard about and want to do.

Total distance 1.45 miles in about 1:15.  

Very slow, and short distance, but we did a ton of talking which is good since I didn't know him very well.  He's very enthusiastic about open water swimming and sounds very golden as a swimming partner.

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