Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swimming all week at Camp Loll

Being a scoutmaster, and spending the entire week with them up in the woods at a camp that has an awesome waterfront, I was on cloud 9 all week.

The water at "Lake of the Woods" in Wyoming is typically cold all year long, even in mid summer.  The water temp this week ranged from 52 - 54 ° F.  I did:

Monday: swim check (only around 75 yards).
Tuesday: 9 laps in the safe swim area, and then three laps of across the lake and back (Each lap according to the GPS is .34 miles. Daily Total: 1.25 miles
Wednesday: 4 laps - 1.36 miles
Thursday: @ .75 lap - .25 miles.  The boys ended up with a rowboat with a very crappy oarlock on the left side and were unable to keep up and were going in circles.  I spent way too much time encouraging them to keep up.  I told them to go to the bow and I entered the boat from the stern and rowed us all in.  But I had to have a boy keep his hand over the oar lock to keep it from popping out.
Friday: 5 laps - 1.68 miles

Weekly total: 4.5 miles in water that ranged from 52-54°.

Here is some video summarizing the week
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