Wednesday, July 20, 2011

100 miles in the GSL

After today's swim at GSL, I have logged more than 100 miles in the GSL.  That's almost a third of my total miles in OW.

This morning I met Josh, and a couple of new guys I've never met before:  Chad Starks and Kevin Vigor.  They agreed to swim along the course from the marina to blackrock and then turn around as needed and head back.  The water today was wavy, not choppy like yesterday, but swells like the ocean.  Very cool.  There were no clouds at all.  Totally blue sky just as the sun was coming up.  Very beautiful!  Of all days to forget my camera!

I forgot my lube this morning so I borrowed some Triglide from Josh and that was a life saver!  Swam fairly strong the whole way to black rock.  Josh was on my tail and arrived mere seconds behind me.  Did the 1.12 miles from the boat ramp to BR in 30:45.  Swam back and stopped at the marina opening and asked if Josh wanted to keep going and he did.  We swam to the end of the reef channel at the last red buoy and then swam back through the marina to the boat ramp.

Total distance: 3.54 miles in 1:44:36 including a few short water breaks.

I'm disturbed because even if I swim as fast as I can, I don't run out of breath.  What does that mean?  I usually slow down just because my muscles are fatigued and not because I'm overdoing it aerobically.  I also miss my humongous hand paddles which I used to use at least twice a week over the winter in the pool.  My shoulders FEEL weaker.

Yesterday evening my oldest son, Austin challenged me to a pull up contest.  I was only able to do 3 quality ones, and a fourth crappy one.  I used to be able to do 7 quality pullups (which still isn't anything to brag about).  At this point, I'm just so weak.  I'm a little concerned about my Slam the Dam performance.  (I don't feel right abbreviating Slam the Dam with 'STD')

I really should be supplementing my training with some weights.  Today I'll do just that at lunch.  No more SHOULD, only DID!  Need to be consistent and not make it an option to skip.
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