Friday, July 8, 2011

Starvation Reservoir

Yesterday evening I drove to Hidden Springs Ranch, in Altamont, UT where we are having a family reunion.  On the way, I noticed a very good looking reservoir and looked at my GPS.  It said it was Starvation Reservoir.  I asked Cathi this morning if I could escape for a few hours and swim there.  This is my first time in this area and I probably wouldn't have the opportunity again anytime soon.  Starvation Reservoir is a State Park and score!  I had my annual pass.

So at 2pm I drove from the ranch to Starvation Reservoir.  The clouds didn't look very nice, and I figured it might be raining when I got there.  I was right on.  It was downpouring and very windy!  I waited for about 15 minutes, until the storm passed and then hurried out and got in.

GPS results of my swim.
I swam immediately to the other side of the reservoir while there were no boats.  I got to the other side in 10 minutes.  The water temp on my watch read 71 degrees.  I swam inside and around all the little "fingers" that I had come across.  I had my SSD and stayed very close to the shoreline.  The shore consisted of steep rocks that were more like cliffs.  The water was very choppy and it was windy.  The water was clean, and had a slight greenish hue to it.  I swam about 90 minutes on the other side and decided to cross to the other side and swim back, which was not as far.  I estimated that I would be about 2 hours in the water.  When I finished, the GPS in my SSD read 3.6 miles in just under two hours.  I enjoyed this swim very much!

3.6 miles in 1:58

Cathi asked me earlier today why it was called Starvation Reservoir.  I saw a display and it said that the legend is that the area in the late 1800s was inhabited by both Indians and settlers.  One rumor is that the settlers stole food that was stored by the Indians and that they Indians starved as a result.  Another rumor according to the display I read was the other way around.  Kinda dumb that nobody knows.

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