Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Putting my mind back into the right perspective when swimming

The Secret Life of Swimmers from judy starkman on Vimeo.

Rob D hooked me up with this site which includes a video which slapped me right in the face.  The poetic explanation contained in the video is exactly how I used to feel about swimming, but lately, my swimming has taken more of a "Crap I'm not getting faster" urgent feeling.  Why the heck am I swimming?   I love swimming because it's relaxing and I haven't been allowing it to relax me.  I've been so caught up in the "training" aspect and getting frustrated with my performance.  I need to step back and put my swimming into perspective.  Perhaps I should take some time to slow down and...
  • enjoy the salt taste
  • smell the chlorine
  • shiver in the cold water
  • bask in the warmer water
  • float on the surface
  • look at the lake bottom
  • watch the bubbles rise to the surface
  • converse with kindred spirit swimmers
  • study the aquatic creatures
  • do a focused exhale beneath the surface
  • quit splashing
  • tread while the sun rises
  • go under just for fun
  • stroke on my back and observe the clouds
  • and many more...

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