Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost missed it

This morning I hit snooze when the alarm went of at 5am.  It's supposed to give me 6 more minutes, but the second alarm went off and I looked over and it was 5:35am.  Wow, I really had to rush to get out the door.  I was a little late showing up at the GSL Marina (6:35 am) where I met up with Josh and Kevin.

Josh and I swam pretty much side by side the whole way from the Marina to Black Rock.  The local OW Swimming group is starting to call that 1 mile stretch "Gridley Straight", which has a nice ring to it.  Saw Kevin head back in to the marina just as we were getting to the buoys.  Josh had to go so I did one more lap solo.
Water was calm this morning and it was nice.

4.23 miles in 2:08

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