Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting thrown off by going Clockwise

Met a big group of swimmers at 6pm at the boat ramp.  Didn't get in the water till 6:20pm.  Lame.  Don't like to dilly dally very much.  But I did get a few names down:  Erin, Debi, Amy, Kristi, Scott.  In addition were Josh and Kate.

We walked over to the east dock to start.  We went clockwise which is the first time I've every gone that way around the lake.  It was very strange!  I wasn't able to get my bearings very well and I ended up not hugging the shore very much at all.  But after that first lap most people took off and I then went around counter clockwise, the way I'm used to.

Stopped to chat with Debi near the southern fishing dock.  She's training for spudman which is coming up very soon.  Didn't chat too long though.  The sun was going down fast and I really wanted to get in three laps, which I did in plenty of time before the sun set.

I was disappointed with the GPS reading: 2.98 miles.  Guess that first lap was shorter than I thought.  I even hit the corners pretty well, not good enough though.

The water wasn't as dirty as Goody reported from last week thank goodness.  I was a little worried that it had taken a turn for the worse, but it was just like I remembered it.  Only about 6 inches of visibility before it starts to get cloudy.  And no awful smells or tastes.  It was definitely warm.  There were pockets of really warm, and then colder, but nothing that was colder than probably 70.

3 laps around BL = 2.98 miles total

Daily Total: 6 miles

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