Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning swim in GSL

Had a very pleasant swim in GSL this morning.  Was planning to swim from GSL Marina to Black Rock, back up to the end of the buoys in the deep channel and back to GSL Marina (about a 5K).  However I forgot to lube up and definitely felt it half way back from BR.  Decided to just stop at the marina instead of extending it so I don't get all blistered up.   I had a done of channel grease in my bag too.  Just forgot that little detail!

Experimented with my GoPro camera.  The middle strap has a tendency to bunch up in front of the camera, so I'll have to remember that.  Plus, it takes better video when it is mounted on the back of my head pointing up.  That way you get the camera out of the water taking good shots going forward, instead of nothing but cloudy water right in front of you. Also, with breathing to the side, it really doesn't work well for video, but I'm able to take screen captures from the video and the quality isn't too bad.  Here's the short clip of today's swim:

2.25 miles total

I also tested the buoyancy of the camera in it's waterproof case and even in the GSL it sinks!  That is one dense little unit!  Gotta be really careful with it in water.  I'll swim this again tomorrow morning, but make sure to lube up.

 I'm excited for scout camp next week.  I'm hoping to swim every day next week in Lake of the Woods at Camp Loll.  That is one cold lake!
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