Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer day swim

Sunrise from the north end of the GSL Marina
Met Greg Pace at the GSL Marina at 6:30 this morning.  The water was as flat as glass.  It was strange exiting the marina and the water was just as still as within the marina.  Not even a single ripple.  Very strange.  We swam from the Marina to Black Rock and back again.  Greg got out at that point and I did one more lap.  The water started to ripple at this point, but that was about it.  Not much in the form of chop or waves.  Very relaxing swim this morning.

I remembered to lube up before the swim, so no issue with chaffing this morning, but my lips and tongue were raw.  Plan to swim SDRC tomorrow and Thursday morning, GSL on Wednesday morning, BL on Thursday evening, GSL on Friday evening (another night swim), and hopefully Pineview on Saturday(Still need to clear that one with Cathi).  Lots of good swims planned this week.

4 miles total
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