Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jacob's first mile in open water

My son Jacob wanted to earn his mile swim so Cathi and I took him out to the Antelope Island Marina and we kayaked for him while he swam (mostly elementary backstroke) out the marina and half way to egg island.  I had my GPS and had him turn around at 0.52 miles.  When he arrived back at the boat ramp it was 1.08 miles.

It was cool to see him experience swimming in this difficult body of water.  He occasionally got water in his mouth and was spitting like crazy.  He also needs some major work on his free style stroke.  He didn't last long with that stroke mostly because he was getting water in his mouth when breathing to the side.  He enjoyed the temperature and didn't complain or try to give up.  He's a real trooper.  He got lubed up real good before the swim so chaffing was not an issue at all.  He also was intrigued to be swimming with so many brine shrimp.  They were all over!

Cathi and I enjoyed talking and visiting while I paddled.  She had an umbrella and just sat in the front seat and looked real cute just enjoying the lake.  There was no wind or waves thank goodness.  Made for a relaxing and easy ride.

It took him nearly 1:15 to finish, but he did it and just in time too.  The sun was very close to setting.  Made for a nice finish picture.
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